Due Dates

All of your due dates will be listed on the board in class as well as posted on this website. Please observe due dates. Anything not handed in on time will lose 10 points per day until it’s handed in, anything not handed in within 5 school days (Monday- Friday) (Tuesday – Monday) (Wednesday – Tuesday) (Thursday – Wednesday) (Friday – Thursday) won’t be accepted and you will receive a 0 for that assignment.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS; Please contact me on my school email address RRICHARDSON@DRACUTPS.ORG.  I will not respond to comments left on this site as they are public.

Chapter 4: Exploration and Expansion

Vocabulary Quizzes

Vocab quiz 3.1       12/1
Vocab quiz 4.1       12/7
Vocab Quiz 4.2     12/10  
Vocab Quiz 4.3    12/14  
Vocab Quiz 4.4    12/17
Remember, if your class doesn’t meet on an assigned quiz day you will take it the next day that your class meets.

Turning Point (Honors only)

The Discovery of the Americas 12/8


Guided Readings (Available under Guided Readings heading and answers can be found in your purple text book) Here:

Guided Reading 3.1 – 12/30
Guided Reading 4.1 -4.2 (Combined worksheet)  – 12/7
 Guided Reading 4.3 – 4.4 (Combined worksheet 14/14)
Maps (Available under the Maps Heading) And HERE for your convenience
Exploration and Trade in the East  – Purple Text 100  Green Text (in class and online) 356 – In Class week of 11/30
Voyages of Discover – Purple Text 93 and 121  Green Text (in class and online) 362 – In Class week of  11/30
The Americas 1763  – In class week of 12/14
Readings in World HIstory (Available under Readings Heading)
Readings in World History –  These will be done in class as we get to them.  THEY ARE NOT IN YOUR PURPLE TEXT BOOK AT HOME. They are available on the class website under Readings if you are absent on the day we do them in class.  The reading is copied here for your convenience.
The First Impression of the New World
Incas: Worshipers of the sun
Women Leaders in North American Indian Societies

Page: 114: 11 – 14 and Critical Thinking 3


 Page: 142 9 – 18 and Critical Thinking 1 – 5


C: D: E: G: For all classes the Week prior to Christmas Vacation.


Other Assignments:

 Bartholomew De Las Casas Reading  

Explorers Jigsaw

Review crosswords can be found on the Crossword page 

NOTES PACKETS: These can now be found on the page labelled Notes Outlines if there is an outline for the chapter that we are currently working on.

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Due Dates for Chapter 4

All due dates for chapter 4 are now posted on the home page sticky and on the board in class

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The Due Dates for chapter 3 are posted. Please remember these are semi fluid depending on how quickly/slowly we move through the chapter.


Also, as of this posting.  Work will no longer be accepted after 5 days late.

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Contact Me!

If you or your parents need to contact me please use this email address rrichardson@dracutps.org.  This is the best way to do it.  I should get your emails right away if you use the address above.

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World Religions Flash Cards



From this website you can study the world religions.  You should review these before your midterm this week.

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Hello Freshmen!

Hello and welome to our Freshman World History page.  I’m going to post the powerpoints and notes for each section here, at or near the end of each chapter so you can get everything you missed.  You are responsible for coming here and getting what ever you need.

There will also be copies of the homework and worksheets on here, so you can get anything you’ve lost. 

I’m looking forward to a great year with all of you!

Ms. Richardson

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