Due Dates

All of your due dates will be listed on the board in class as well as posted on this website. Please observe due dates. There will be no late work accepted without extenuating circumstances.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS; Please contact me on my school email address RRICHARDSON@DRACUTPS.ORG.  I will not respond to comments left on this site as they are public.

Chapter 11: The Age of Imperialism

Vocabulary Quizzes

For this chapter, you will define the terms in blue in your text book.  Please write them into your notebook.  This will count as your vocab quizzes for the year.
Remember, if your class doesn’t meet on an assigned quiz day you will take it the next day that your class meets.

Turning Point (Honors only)

Turning points have been replaced for 3rd and 4th quarter by a 2 quarter long project. Each section of the project will have concrete due dates and each section is worth a test grade.  This is the same value as the Turning Points.  Please see project assignment for details.  THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL PROJECT. The final section of this project is due 5/12.  All students must be ready to present on 5/12

Guided Readings (Available under Guided Readings heading and answers can be found in your purple text book) Here:

Guided Reading 11.1    5/25
Guided Reading 11.2    5/27
Guided Reading 11.3   6/1 
 Guided Reading 11.4  6/3
Guided Reading 11.5    6/8
Maps (Available under the Maps Heading) And HERE for your convenience
Scramble for Africa: Purple text 343, Green text 561, Atlas H-21
Readings in World History (Available under Readings Heading)
Readings in World History –  These will be done in class as we get to them.  THEY ARE NOT IN YOUR PURPLE TEXT BOOK AT HOME. They are available on the class website under Readings if you are absent on the day we do them in class.  The reading is copied here for your convenience.
Mansa Musa’s Pilgrimage 
British Imperialism in India,
Passive Resistance,
Blind man Lame man


These will be completed during long blocks on 5/25 (C) or 5/26 (D/G), or 527 (E)

In Class Week of 6/7


Week of 6/7


Other Assignments:

Chapter 12 capstone project.  Please see class instruction sheet for details.  Due date 6/10.  Presentations 6/10, 6/13, 6/14, 6/15

Final Exam Review Packet.  This is worth bonus points on your final exam.  (5 honors, 10 CPI)  Please complete it and hand it in on the day of the final

HONORS ONLY: Genocide Project due 5/12

Review crosswords can be found on the Crossword page 

NOTES PACKETS: These can now be found on the page labelled Notes Outlines if there is an outline for the chapter that we are currently working on, and all the chapters from  8-11.  

The notes outline for Chapter 11 is required for this chapter and will count as a grade. 

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Due dates for the rest of the year are up

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Due Dates for Chapte 10 are now published

Due dates for Chapter 10 are now published.

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Genocide Exemplar


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Due Dates for Chapter 7

Due dates for Chapter 7.1 and 7.2 are now available.


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Contact Me!

If you or your parents need to contact me please use this email address rrichardson@dracutps.org.  This is the best way to do it.  I should get your emails right away if you use the address above.

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World Religions Flash Cards



From this website you can study the world religions.  You should review these before your midterm this week.

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